Sophia Denieffe Podiatry believes that your feet play an important role in daily life, after all they are the foundation of your whole body, which means keeping your feet healthy can help keep you healthy .

Everyone has  individual foot health needs and whether it be;
  • Getting from A to B
  • Working daily
  • Travelling
  • Playing or competing in sport

We all suffer with foot strains and stresses throughout our lives, this is the reason why we need to take care and  look after our feet. Foot health is essential to be able to cope with the demands of everyday living.

Sophia Denieffe Podiatry believe that foot health is of importance and  professionally aims to offer the best treatment possible to accommodate your needs regardless of your age, activity level or health.

General footcare services encompass everything from basic nail cuts, to surgical removal of ingrowing toenails, to specific insoles for foot conditions, and  treatments for minor wounds.

 Don’t be a victim of neglect and get those feet checked!

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